This page is for those who are interested in becoming a driver for Boomerang Transport.  Looking for other opportunities within our company?  Visit the Careers page.

Important!  Please read before submitting an application:

***First please refrain from calling the phone number listed on this site as it is our main dispatching line and needs to stay open for new ride requests.  Our goal is to have all frequently asked questions answered below, but if you still have questions after carefully reading please then email us at***

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1099 Subcontractor shall meet all of the below driver eligibility requirements:
1. A minimum age of twenty-five (25) years.
2. Possession of a valid driver’s license issued by your state of residence for the type of vehicle to be operated, issued by the resident sate of the driver.
3. No record of a citation or conviction for the violations listed below during the sixty (60) consecutive months (five years) prior to the date of engagement:
a. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
b. Refusal to submit to a test of intoxication or impairment requested by a law enforcement officer.
c. Operating a motor vehicle, which contains alcoholic beverages in open containers contrary to law.
d. Being charged with a homicide resulting from the unlawful or negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
e. Operating a motor vehicle while the driver’s licenses was suspended, cancelled or expired.
f. Failing to stop or remain at the scene of an accident.
g. Driving a motor vehicle in a speed exhibition, contest or drag race.
h. Use of a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony.
i. Dangerous or careless operation of a motor vehicle, whether causing harm to another person or not.
j. Operating a motor vehicle without the permission of the owner.
k. Fleeing or attempting to flee a law enforcement officer.
4. No record of involvement in an at fault traffic accident resulting in a person’s death or bodily injury.
5. No record of involvement in more than two (2) at fault traffic accidents and two (2) moving violations in any vehicle in the sixty (60) consecutive months prior to the date of engagement.
6. No record of involvement in more than one (1) at fault traffic accident and three (3) moving violations in any vehicle in the sixty (60) consecutive months prior to the date of engagement.
7. No record of conviction for more than four (4) motor vehicle moving violations in any vehicle in the sixty (60) consecutive months prior to the date of engagement.
8. Completion of a suitable contractor/driver information sheet.
9. Evidence of a valid driver’s license issued by your state of residence.
10.    Must have a regular cell phone plan with a major carrier or proof of 6 consecutive timely payments if using a pre-paid phone.
11.     Must have a personal vehicle insurance policy with limits of at least $100,000/$300,000/$50,000

***On-Boarding Process:
1. Submit an application online using the form below
2. If chosen, you will be called for a first round phone interview.  It will usually last 20 minutes.
3. If chosen for the next step, you will be called for a second round interview.  It will usually last 30 minutes.
4. If approved by the owners, you will receive an email (sent to the address you provided in the form below) that will welcome you to an online training course.
5. Take the course and submit a quiz.
6. If you pass your quiz you will be emailed letting you know that you have graduated from training and inviting you to fill out paperwork.
7. Once the paperwork is returned and is complete you will be fully approved and eligible to receive rides


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What type of cell phone plan do you have?

 Plan Originated With A 2 Year Contract With A Major Carrier Pre-Paid Cell Phone

If you have a pre-paid cell phone please attach a billing statement below showing your timely payments for the last 6 months. If you do not complete this step you will not move forward in the interview process.
Boomerang Transport has had bad experiences in the past with drivers who were using a prepaid phone and the service cut off when we were trying to reach them.

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Is Your Vehicle 2 Door or 4 Door?

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Boomerang Transport is strongly against texting while driving, but our drivers send text messages in while they are parked to update us on the status of their trip, so text messaging is required. Are You Comfortable Using Text Messaging For Business Purposes?
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